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Butterfly Tears

Hi everyone, if you reading this then you have successfully made it to the site.
Just a little info. One of the coolest things about writing songs is looking in the crowd at a concert and seeing
people sing your songs along with you. Walking by someone in the yogurt shop and they are humming Wounded Wings.
That song was on the last CD. This one--I have taken some of my experiences and those of friends,
which aren't necessarily good experiences, and turned them into something beautiful. There is one song, Butterfly Tears,
which was wrote for some friends that had lost their baby daughter, Madison. Only a week after I wrote
it I got a phone call that my little 3mo. old grandniece Ashyia had passed away. When I sang it at her service was the first time
anyone had heard it. I feel honored that God saw fit to give me the song. It is beautiful and I hope you all enjoy it and
we can all look at butterfly's a little differently. Anyways, hope you enjoy the album.

Butterfly Tears $12.95

Buy Both CD's $20.00

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